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Amsterex plans and projects for the first year to increase Amsterex Shares profitability .

Q4 2019

After a 4 month live beta testing period, it became clear we had to do make some improvements to our back end core. We successfully adjusted our system to be faster, safer and to give the user an overall good experience on our platform.

Final ICO / Swap round

Our final ICO round and Swap will start on the 20th of November 2019. This is the final public Amsterex Shares investment round.

Q1 2020
Trading API

Top class and fast private trading API with all standard options, designed to work with most trading bot applications used in the market.

OTC Service

Easy, safe and private person to person trading where Amsterex will act as escrow. This process is fully automated.

Q2 2020
Trading Points

A reward system for our community and traders. With every trade, your account will receive a certain amount of "Trading Points". Points are calculated by the volume of a trade. Earned points can be exchanged into Amsterex Shares [AME]

Automated Amsterex Shares buy

Instead of buying back Amsterex Shares manually to distribute to our holders, we're implementing an "instant buy back" system. This means that with every trade made on our platform, we use a part of the fee to automatically buy back Amsterex Shares from the market. This will result in constant activity on the Amsterex Shares market.

Blockchain Explorers

An option for listed coins to request a custom Amsterex blockchain explorer.

ICO Hosting

An option for new promising projects to request an ICO hosting service on our platform. Amsterex will handle the coin distribution and fund raising.

Q3 2020
Merchant Tools

Easy to setup merchant tools to accept, any coin we have listed, in a webshop or auction platform. There will be plugins for the most common shoppingcart systems available. (opencart, shopify, magento etc.)

Investment Fund

Not much of a trader yourself? Our investment fund, managed by experienced cryptocurrency trading fanatics, will do that job for you. They will do everything they can to give you the best possible and profitable results.

Dice Game & Lottery

Play a game of dice against the house or buy tickets for our weekly lottery draw which we stream live on YouTube and other streaming services.

Q4 2020
Integrated Trading Bot

Instead of relying on 3rd party software, we want to offer our traders a simple, and clean on-site trading bot. No api keys or software required. Simply set your desired parameters, and it's ready to run.

Android & IOS AmsterApp

Take Amsterex with you on the go! Never miss out on a trade again with our AmsterApp. Buy, sell, send or withdraw. A full options exchange platform in app form.

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