Important Announcement
12th of March 2020

List Unaffected Coins:

I will start distributing those coins back starting on monday the 16th.

Yours sincerely,

Amsterex Founder.

  • Voytek [BEAR]
  • Zerozed [X0Z]
  • Tittiecoin [TIT]
  • Monacoin [MONA]
  • Hodlcoin [HODL]
  • Horizen [ZEN]
  • Bumbacoin [BUMBA]
  • Brixcoin [BRIX]
  • Zcash [ZEC]
  • Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
  • Syscoin [SYS]
9th of March 2020

On the 19th of April 2019, AmsterEx (Amsterdex back then), suffered from a serious code error. This error resulted in withdrawals being sent multiple times, with random amounts that we're not logged properly in our systems.

A total of ~9.4BTC worth in BTC and multiple alternative currencies was lost. We've refunded 6.2 BTC worth of balances immediately with our previous ICO round funds, but it wasnt enough to cover all losses. What followed was a long period of maintenance, tracking the bug, and rewrite our entire backend that was affected. Meanwhile, being a one man team at the time, and not really the communicating type of guy, I tried my best to work things out, and get back out there with the platform. For our shareholders, and users who lost funds.

Finally, when everything was fully tested and up to par with the latest security standards, it was time to get back online. Unfortunately, I had to think of a way to recover the final 3.2 BTC. I could not think of any other way but to hold a new ICO round for Amsterex Shares. I was naive and thought I could fix everything this way. I was wrong, and I failed. I was too confident in my case.

I am deeply sorry, but I can't do anything else but to put Amsterex into maintenance, while we decide/discuss with a couple of shareholders on how to continue forward, or not. At this point, I personally don't see a positive way out in the current situation.

Our discord server will stay active for now. Personal support questions inside discord will be ignored. For support questions or other inquiries, please use the support website.

And to finish, I'm hoping for patience, and maybe even a tiny bit of understanding while we try to work things out. Some will argue why I didnt come out with this sooner. Thats simple really, because statements like this basically instantly kill an exchange platform and it's future. I wanted to give a shot at trying to fix this problem first.

Yours sincerely,

Amsterex Founder.