Dividend Distribution Coin

What Is It?

Amsterex Shares [AME] is the "Home" cryptocurrency of the Amsterex exchange. This cryptocurrency functions as a business dividend shares program in blockchain form for our trading platform. 60% of all our generated fee income is distributed back to AME holders on a weekly basis.

How Does It Work?

We are continuously improving the quality of Amsterex, to ensure a smooth, and secure trading experience.

Dividend Distribution

Holders of AME, are rewarded with 60% of the generated exchange fees. All fees are converted into BTC to buy AME in return. This results in constant buy-pressure and a long-term raise in value.

Weekly Payments

Every week AME holders are paid out dividends from the generated Amsterex exchange fees. Payments are made in AME, calculated by address balance, and send directly to your own wallet.


Only AME holders with a claimed address on the block explorer are included in the dividend shares payments. You have all right to sell AME. You can join in by buying and holding AME.

Specifications & Info

Amsterex Shares is kept simple, but effective for longterm passive income.


AME is a digital cryptographic currency. Not owned by a country nor bound by rules. Registration or documentation to use AME is not needed. AME can be mined through POS or bought on our platform.


Receiving and sending AME is very easy. Send or deposit coins in your private wallet. Each wallet generates a unique address. You are in charge of your own money. There is no centralized government involved.

Blockchain Technology

AME runs on it's own private blockchain. We are not depended on other blockchains to move transactions in our network. This gives us total freedom in our development planning and software implementation.


AME is a modification of the Bitcoin protocol and is an open source project, released under the terms of the MIT license. Go here for more information. Our core/wallet source code can be found on Github.

Amsterex Shares Core
NameAmsterex Shares
Blocktime3 Minutes
Difficulty RetargetEach Block
Minimum Stake Age:2 Hours
Maximum Stake Age:120 Days
Block Reward0.1 AME
Start Supply385 000 AME

Options & Wallets

Don't forget to backup your wallet!


Automatically send your minted blocks to an address of your choice. Ideal for savings and donation purposes. You can turn Multisend on or off anytime you want.

Staking Log

A widget that analyzes all your minted blocks, and displays the output in a legible table. This gives both a broad and detailed overview of your staking activities.

Stake Optimizer

Split your balance into smaller bits to optimize your staking activities. This does not influence your total balance. It does however, require a higher transaction fee.

Advanced Check & Repair

These tools check and remove corrupted transactions, orphan transactions and balance errors from your wallet. This results in an organised and clean wallet overview.

Network Statistics

Multiple charts displaying the latest network difficulty and network staking weight. Monitor your own network weight impression on the personal weight output statusbar.

Explorer & Resources

Integrated blockchain explorer to keep track of the blockchain and your transactions and a resources tab with Amsterex related content.