Amsterex Shares Requirements

Please remember and follow the instructions that we require to be a part of the Amsterex shares payment plan.

Shares Model

  • 60% of all generated fee income is distributed back to AME holders.
  • Payout is calculated by the amount of fee / supply and balance sitting in your desktop wallet address.
  • Payment is made every monday before midnight, based on the volume from Monday to Sunday from the week before.
  • All collected fees are converted to AME, which we buy back from the market.
  • Payment is made in AME and we're sending it directly to your own address.

Rules to receive dividends

  • Claim your address in the block explorer with a signed message to prove ownership.
  • Addresses and balances on Amsterex itself don't count for payment.
  • The claimed address must have balance for a minimum of 2 days.
  • Address balance has to be at least 50 AME.
  • You are allowed to buy/sell whenever and wherever you like.
  • You are allowed to claim multiple addresses.
  • We dont need any form of official identification, only an anonymous address claim.