Somewhere in crypto space, 8th of October 2020

Dear Amsterex users,

The last couple of years have been a crazy ride for us. We've had failures, a serious bug in our code, and what not. But we always tried to come back better than before, which resulted in the beautiful platform you all know today.

In recent weeks we've thought a lot about the future of Amsterex. Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to close the platform until further notice.

The main reasons are:

Lack of funding (promotional, maintenance, hiring new staff)
Hardly any volume, and not enough fee to break even on monthly costs.
Crypto is changing so rapidly, a one man back-end development team can't keep up with all the new codebases.

The account support section of the exchange will reopen soon (this needs some adjustments first), there you can request the withdrawal of any remaining funds on Amsterex.

For other inquiries, you can contact us on [email protected].

So is this the end??..... Well, I (Banzai) am not the type who quits easily, so who knows.. But I'm also being realistic. I can't work fulltime anymore on this project. I wish I could.... Running this besides a regular job as a hobby project was never the intention in the first place. I guess you could say luck has not been on my side for the last couple of years...

Yours faithfully,